The Land of Oz




released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


ONE OZ Edinburgh, UK

Underground Hip Hop lyricist based in Scotland, U.K I've worked with: Blaq Po, Ruste Juxx, Micall Parknsun, Leafdog, Jaeger, GG Peney, Sean EL, Own Dialect, C-Drill, Jay Gastby, Cavern Dwellers, and more...

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Track Name: The Man In The Yellow Hat.
what you watch: you think
what you think: you speak
so think twice about what your watching
on your television screen
the picture isnt everything
and whats behind the scenes
is people calculating ways to make you
think that you believe
in anything they say as fact
as they dish out a fresh opinion
for you to replicate if cant bring yourself
to learning all the facts
and forming your own vision of whats happening
cos whats the point in that when
you can just repeat anothers actions
monkeys do that..
curious george shit
never question anything
from someone of importance
horses for courses
look the part
a nice suit is pretty good
at covering up a cruel heart
they say a carema can capture a mans soul
but televisions the tool that keeps it under control
so sit down tune in and loose your future
amidst the warm glow of a friend we're all used to

news just in:
i.e we just made up some new bullshit
let us show you 5% of the picture to proove it
who cares if its even happenin
were reporting live and showing images of
what were fraffin about
insert 3d animated
body count
with some ass hole walking round
the inside of the tardis handing out
a fresh dose of fear with some worry to wash it down
cos why should you feel relaxed while you relax in your house
these dirty motherfuckers want you on the edge of your seat
using fear to instill control like a bully
does to the weak
and just because they jazz it up and put it
on the screen
we should all believe its true
cos no ever lies on t.v right?
what are you? five!?
or to nieve to make your own decisions...
or maybe youve never questioned why you
get the information your givin
or how its shaping the way you're thinking
the way you're living
unable to form your own opinion
taking sides against imaginary opposition
to get resorses for some trillionaire
that doesnt give a shit about the value of a human life
and why should you when you can do what you like
when youre above the law, the goverenment
and own a bank you're fine
cos even armys needing funding to put guns up on
the frontlines
but they're the ones who'r trying to fight they're way
inside your head
cos its the last thing they can take
but its the hardest thing to get

you see: media a tool that governments
and corperations use
to put thier vision in your head
and make you think that its the truth
cos they think you're a fool
and they'll be right if you believe them
so watch the news and dont you even think
of fighting for your freedom
cos look you are free just look at your life
work a job to pay imaginary debt and then you die
thats the life of free
if you can manage the fees
you can have the house the girl the car
and giant t.v
so you can watch the dreams you used to have
get lived by someone else
cos there aint any time for dreaming
when your always tightening the belt
cos the only to live
is when you live beyond your means
but forget the debt your in
sit back and watch some t.v
until it sings you to sleep
with its never ending lulabye
thats why they come installed
with an automatic shut off time
nine hundred channels
a lifes worth of viewing
one payment a month for you
to be another user
sweeten the deal?
shit they'll cover it in sugar
biggar faster more of everything
that makes it better looking
you can have it all
on the wall in your gaff
cos what else are you gonna point all of your furniture at